Come out and join us for a night of painting fun!  We will be holding an open event on Saturday, April 21st from 6-8:30 in the Community Room at the Panera in downtown Batavia.  You, along with any friend that is attending with you, MUST purchase this ticket (and checkout completely--it's only $0.01!) in order to attend.  Completing the checkout of this ticket will reserve your spot at the party.  You may purchase more than one ticket if you are coming with a group to ensure that there is space for all of you.  Within 48 hours of reserving your spot, please come back to our website and purchase the sign design that you would like to create.  Credit cards and Paypal are accepted.  Failure to complete your sign design purchase within 48 hours of reserving your spot will forfit your spot at the event.  We look forward to a wonderful evening with all of you!